मनोरंजन सुविधाएँ

Cinama Halls

1. Avadh Chitra Mandir, Dariyapur , Sultanpur,

2 Kms. 240324

2. National Talkies, Near   Panchrasta, Sultanpur, 2 Kms 240425

3. Suraj Talkies, Dariyapur, Sultanpur, 2 Kms. 240386

4. Rajshree Palace, Lohramau Road, Sultanpur, 1.5 Kms. 228266


There are  two main public parks  in Sultanpur city.  First, Paryavaran Park, which is situated at the southern bank of river Gomti in civil lines , is the latest park built specially for children and youth. The park has a lot of attraction for children and covers a large area at the bank of Gomti. The  second park, at  Amhat  (known as Amhat Park), maintained by Horticulture Department is located at about 5 kms   from the city and is one of the important picnic spots of Sultanpur full of greenry and colorful flowery patches.


The Rotary, Lions and Sultanpur clubs are the main and prestigious clubs of the district which are engaged in various social and cultural activities apart from provision for healthy entertainmment.

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