Sr.No. Name of Restaurant Ph.No.
1 Avantika Restourant, Bus station, Sultanpur . Veg.,Dining and snacks (north/south Indian etc.) available. One of the best in Sultanpur. 240431
2 Mehman Restourant, Pant stadium, Sultanpur. Veg.,Dining and snacks (north/south). 240514
3 Cool Home Restourant, Sundar Lal Market, Sultanpur, One km from bus station.Veg., onlysnacks (north/south/chinies) available. 224088
4 Cool Corner Restourant, Bus Station, GIC , Sultanpur. Veg.snacks available. 223500
5 Prem Deep Hotel, Near Bus Station, Sultanpur. Veg. sweets, sncks available. 226485
6 Agra Mishthann Bhandar, Chowk, Sultanpur. Sweets and snacks available.
7 Hotel Khadim, State Bank of India gate, Bus Station, Sultanpur. Non-veg lunch/dinner available 226635

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